Photographing kids: Eliana

The other day I got to meet Eliana.

Her mom, Suzy, warned me that she is an active three year old so I was ready to go when they arrived.

Chica, the stand-in model

Earlier I had used my faithful stand-in, Chica, to test the studio set up. At first, Eliana was not too sure about what was happening, but that did not last very long. She is a delightful child, curious and expressive (and beautiful too).

Her mom was amazed (and I was quietly thrilled) as we got comfortable and her personality bubbled up for the camera. Her session was a perfect example of my philosophy that the process of making the pictures must be fun to get the best images. No where is this more relevant than sessions with kids!

By the time Eliana began to get bored, we already had the calm, composed shots done. Icing on the cake: Eliana in action!!

In the process of deciding which images to print Suzy emailed me, “..thank you for your patience at the photo shoot. Elli and I both enjoyed the experience for once!  It was great fun! Mahalo, Suzy”

When Suzy picked up the prints two days later, she couldn’t wait to take them home and put her Mother’s Day gifts featuring Eliana together. Lucky moms!

Eliana having fun with the camera

Eliana in action

Thoughtful Eliana